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We celebrate 5 years of Coloyal

5 years of success through loyalty

We are co-partners in the field of loyalty and customer retention. Our experienced team has been passionately creating unique CRM and loyalty solutions for sustainable customer and employee retention for 5 years.

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Here’s what’s behind our successful incentive programs


Our incentive programs are structured systems of incentives and rewards, individually developed to your challenges, to encourage behaviors or goals from your customers or employees. The incentive programs can be designed in various combinations and include cash rewards, non-cash benefits, leisure activities or recognition and appreciation. In addition, our loyalty suite can be aligned with differentiated goals, such as increasing sales, improving the quality of products or services, driving innovation, or increasing efficiency.

Our loyalty solutions are used by:

Loyalty programs for your customers or employees

Customer incentive programs and employee incentive programs are two different types of incentive systems designed to motivate and reward different target groups. Customer loyalty programs are aimed at a company’s external or potential customers. They aim to strengthen customer loyalty, increase customer loyalty, and encourage customers to do business repeatedly or make referrals. In contrast, employee incentive programs are aimed at a company’s internal employees. They are designed to increase employee motivation, productivity, and satisfaction, promote engagement, and foster a positive corporate culture.

With our expertise, we also develop and implement the right solution for you and ensure a stronger bond!

We develop customized incentive programs


Bonus program

  • Ready-made full-service loyalty program
  • Coloyal takes care of the conception, IT, rewards sourcing, logistics & support.
  • Support
  • Perfect to drive engagement and increase upselling and crossselling opportunities.

Reward shop

  • Attractive incentives & (sustainable) rewards
    IT solution that adapts to your processes
  • Full-service management from the rewards shop frontend in your company’s corporate design to the delivery of the rewards to your target group

Employee incentives

  • Ready-made employee program
  • Tax-free rewards combined with point logic that rewards employees for specific events
  • Perfect for employee recruitment, reducing turnover and improving performance

Advantage world

  • Closed customer portal with 300+ shop partners
  • Exclusive benefits, discounts and cashback offers
  • Perfect incentive to encourage long-term customer loyalty

New customer and loyalty campaigns

  • Targeted, time-limited promotions with matching reward portfolio
  • Promotion website with redemption in the shop via coupon code
  • Suitable products for your budget and target group
  • Immediate benefit through direct incentivisation

Take advantage of the incentive benefits

Incentives, or incentive schemes, offer a variety of positive synergies in different contexts

Increase motivation

Incentives motivate employees to perform at their best by setting them clear goals and rewarding them for achieving them.

Employee loyalty and satisfaction

Companies with attractive incentives, such as bonus payments, non-cash bonuses or tax-free allowances, can better retain their employees and increase employee satisfaction.

Promotion of innovation

Incentives that target creative ideas and innovation can encourage employees to develop new approaches and solutions that move the company forward.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Incentives can also be customer-focused by providing incentives for repeat purchases or referrals, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

Modular and flexible

As your partner for the development and operation of loyalty programs, we offer you a 360º service, flexible expansion stages and adaptation to your systems. Our modular services offer you maximum flexibility – you decide which steps to the finished bonus program we take over for you:




We advise you on how best to achieve your goals: Our loyalty consultants & project managers support you on your way to a bonus program.



Our self-developed, modular cloud solution, which adapts to your requirements, brings everything it takes to run successful program intuitively.

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Data collection & reporting

Get a quick overview of all key figures with our configurable program dashboard. Quickly download various reports.



The perfect complement to the mobile browser solution to offer further features and promote regular activities in the program. Supports e.g. photo.


Rewards management

The online shop with a large range of rewards offers the perfect basis for successful collecting. Get international premium logistics with fast shipping.



Set impulses at the right time: Reach your participants with relevant messages – by email, social post, notification or face-to-face 1:1.


We have a personal account manager for each of our customers who takes care of everything centrally. Your subscribers receive the best possible support in 1st and 2nd level support by mail or telephone.

A little greener every day

Long-lasting rewards with a high recycling content, resource-saving materials and shipping packaging, efficient data centers: We work every day to make our solutions more sustainable for your customer. And you can benefit from this, too. Sustainable incentive programs enable companies to make a positive contribution to society and the environment, as well as promote sustainable development. We show how we live sustainability at Coloyal.

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Sustainability at Coloyal

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