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Five Countries – One Solution

Better results with motivated participants

In order to be able to collect meaningful, exclusive data, representative groups of shoppers are asked to continuously report on their daily purchases and consumption behaviour over a longer period of time. The participants receive points as a reward for their cooperation, which can be exchanged for a reward when the corresponding number of points is reached

Special challenge: In addition to Germany and Austria, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands were also included in the programme in 2015. An annually renewed range of rewards, vouchers and chances to win are thus now also used throughout Europe. They can be viewed via the current print catalogue in the respective country variant and of course also online in the GfK Rewards Shop.



  • We operate the rewards sourcing for the ever new buyer groups at GfK, continuously expand and update the rewards and voucher portfolio on the basis of our data analyses.
  • In 2015, we successfully integrated Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy into the rewards programme and now offer special promotions (summer, winter, online), monthly rewards or the print catalogue, in the respective language versions, for five countries
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The Society for Consumer Research (GfK) is one of the largest in the world. As such, GfK has been providing important data on people’s purchasing decisions, buying and consumption behaviour for over 80 years. GfK has relied on our skills as loyalty and CRM specialists since as early as 2007.

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