Digital solutions for the efficient use of marketing budgets

Operating a bonus program for hundreds of thousands of end customers is demanding – especially when it involves combining the demands of 6 brands and more than 20 sweepstake and agency partners. For Coca-Cola, this was the reason why the operational management of the “CokeFridge” code-in-lid programme was transferred to Coloyal’s loyalty experts for the first time in 2008. Just a few months later, the project team had already conducted dozens of raffles, acquired new programme partners and established a CMS for faster maintenance of the content.

Since then, Coca-Cola has consistently relied on the loyalty and IT expertise from Munich. Coloyal has repeatedly been able to respond with tailor-made solutions to the changing requirements in addressing, recruiting and activating consumers and brand lovers, for example with configurable online widgets, a complex sweepstake engine or an application for campaign and newsletter management.

From the football fan mile to personalized bottle labels and Christmas truck tours – many large and small campaigns contain a piece of Coloyal. Our digital solutions for innovative promotions have been used in more than 2,000 competitions with millions of prizes. They are now used by brand and marketing managers from more than 12 different markets in Europe.

The most recent project makes the knowledge gathered over the years available to hundreds of Coca-Cola employees for their daily planning: an intranet application condenses the multitude of available promotion mechanisms and results using a sophisticated scoring model into the most promising formula for using the promotion budget. The tool’s individual “promo formula” is supplemented by checklists and document templates that help to efficiently coordinate cooperation with agencies and specialist departments.

Case details

  • As a development partner for front-end and back-end applications, the Coloyal Coca-Cola team was able to convince in the setup and operation of various evolutionary stages of its bonus programs. In the last 12 years, we have set several milestones in Coca-Cola’s IT and loyalty roadmap.
  • Whether song download, game console or world tour: Coca-Cola Germany relies on our broad retailer network for the procurement of lottery prizes and the acquisition of attractive promotion partners.
  • In 2015 Coca-Cola has commissioned Coloyal to send all newsletters to German end customers. Since then, we have developed, personalized, delivered and analyzed in detail more than 600 different e-mails for almost all the Group’s brands.
  • Since the introduction of its “CokeFridge” loyalty program, Coca-Cola has been the pioneer for collection campaigns and competitions in the German beverage market. As a central partner for PIN codes, we have generated several billion lid, can and package codes for Coca-Cola in recent years.
  • Coloyal’s CRM and IT consultants have contributed their know-how to an intranet application for the efficient planning of brand and retail promotions. Lead times and effort for selecting the best promotion mechanics, briefings to agency partners and approvals with the legal department were drastically reduced.

Brand and loyalty promotions from more than 12 years of successful cooperation

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