The award-winning refer-a-client program of Commerzbank

The end-user business is a highly competitive market for banks. It faces them with major challenges, especially since 99% of new customers are still recruited offline. The recruitment of new customers must therefore be planned and implemented at the highest level. Since 2011, the team of Coloyal has successfully completed this task for Commerzbank’s refer-a-client program.

Customers, who convince potential clients of the advantages of the Commerzbank, are rewarded for their recommendation with an attractive reward. Moreover, they have the option to combine multiple new customer recommendations or participate in expert surveys to earn a high-quality, branded product.

The refer-a-client program includes a range of cash bonuses as well as branded products and vouchers that are supplemented annually with cutting-edge rewards and high-quality promotional offers. Commerzbank customers can find the current catalog directly at one of the bank’s branch offices or online on a dedicated program page.

The program has been a complete success for multiple consecutive years, above all due to the many promotional offers and the simple and fast processing of reward orders and shipping. Since the start of the cooperation with Coloyal, Commerzbank has been able to triple the number of recommendations to more than 140,000 per year.

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Case details

  • We are responsible for the planning, conception and management of the rewards portfolio, which has been continuously improved for years and tailored to the interests of bank customers. Among other things, Commerzbank relies on market research data and analysis as well as on personal demonstrations of sample from us (Touch & Feel workshop).
  • Through special promotions, we repeatedly succeed in increasing the number of Commerzbank recommendations significantly: examples of successful reward sourcing include seasonal competitions, 3-for-1 offers, shared rewards for advertisers and new customers, and added coupons or the integration of DFB fan merchandises.
  • In addition, as part of our customer service, we offer participants the opportunity to get into touch with us directly through a service hotline for questions regarding their rewards, shipping, etc.
  • Excellent! In the first year of our cooperation Commerzbank’s refer-a-client program was awarded with the International Loyalty Award in the category “Best Coupon or Voucher Based Loyalty Program”. It prevailed among 130 submissions by companies such as British Airways, Royal Bank of Scotland or Tesco.

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