Coloyal Health Check

We analyze the performance of your exisitng CRM & loyalty acitivites using our internally developed Coloyal Health Check. Whether looking at a bonus program, customer benefit platforms or referral programs, we intensivly test, analyze your target group and competition and point out ways of improvement. This is how we enable your firm to reach goals faster and more efficient.

Test.   Analyze.   Improve.


The Coloyal Health Check is an innovative consulting approach, divided into four phases, that creates fast, reliable statements on the strengths of your CRM and customer loyalty activities and further possibilities on how to enhance your customer relationships.

  • Targets of your activities
  • Visibility and comprehensiveness
  • Customer journey from registration to logout
  • Cost-benefit ratio for participants
  • Consistent communication across all channels – offline & online
  • Reward assortment analysis
  • Incentives & reward portfolio
  • IT infrastructure
  • Identification of inconsistencies in the overall concept
  • Complications in the processes
  • Misplaced or lack of communication
  • Lack of consistency across channels
  • State-of-the-art approaches
  • Trend topics
  • Competition
  • Study results
  • Potential for improvement and fields of action
  • Prospects on how to achieve your objectives
  • Provision of an executive summary with detailed documentation


  • A new perspective – the view from outside
  • Long-standing CRM experts with great know-how
  • Holistic approach: consideration of the entire value chain
  • Detailed summary of all results in an executive summary

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