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Loyalty Backend

Set up programs quickly and manage them intuitively

Coloyal’s loyalty backend is the heart and brain of our bonus and incentive programs. The software suite, which is permanently extended to meet the requirements of our customers, enables the rapid connection of external CRM systems and the intuitive control of all aspects of a successful loyalty program.

Ready to go within a few weeks

Extensive, complex and professional loyalty programs don’t have to keep you and your IT teams busy for months, blocking valuable resources. Save time, nerves and budgets by building your program on the backbone of our “Coloyal Loyalty Suite”.

Since numerous processes, settings, rules and authorizations are already preconfigured and interfaces for data transfers with external sources are largely standardized, setting up a convincing solution for your customers or employees is usually only a matter of weeks.

The loyalty backend, which is offered in the SaaS model and operated in European cloud data centers, already comes with many attractive functions for acquiring and permanently activating program participants and for analyzing the generated data.

The 11 most important features

Bonus programs aimed at business customers place the highest demands on functions, processes and cost-effectiveness: they must meet special requirements for participant profiles (multiple employees on one account), status classes (depending on the size of the company), internationality (rollout across various country organizations), reward selection (earmarking for business use) and tax laws (verification requirements), while their number of participants is usually manageable.

Coloyal has been consistently focusing the development of its loyalty backend on these B2B requirements for more than three years, in order to offer its customers functional solutions even for very demanding programs. You can implement the following functions with us:

1 | Intuitive customer data management

Whether customer, company, transaction or booking data – everything is here under one roof. With the help of the detailed search function, program managers or service agents can find individual profiles and bookings in no time at all. Participation processes for registration, newsletter subscription, double opt-in, login and password assignment are of course included in the tool.

2 | Transparent account management

We turn your customer, purchase and promotion data into a bubbling source of new subscriptions, points credits and positive reward moments. To do this, we convert sales files and cash register bookings or invoice scans into reward and status points based on rules. You are always in control of the available credit balance, the points validity and accounting provisions.

3 | Sophisticated booking rules

The loyalty backend supports a wide range of rules that can be flexibly combined to respond to a wide variety of subscriber promotions. This allows you to offer collectible promotions, extra points, status upgrades, one-time rewards, sales contests, sweepstakes, vouchers, and many other value-added offers to positively influence behavior in the program.

4 | Differentiated status classes

Reward particularly loyal and active customers with exclusive access to services and added value linked to different status levels. The loyalty backend is able to calculate status classes individually according to customer potential, motivate participants to move up to the next level, and accompany upgrades and downgrades with mails and notifications.

5 | High-reach campaigns

Stable customer relationships thrive on regular prompts and actions. Use the many possibilities of the loyalty backend to create positive reasons to engage with your program and generate new data – you can create the promotions, coupons, sweepstakes, surveys, extra points and campaigns for them yourself.

6 | Individual system communication

Automatically keep participants up to date on their personal progress in the program. The loyalty backend already has more than 25 different templates for this purpose, which inform participants individually via e-mail or push notification about their performance in actions, goals achieved, impending points expiry or status change.

7 | Publish your own content

Use the possibilities of the integrated editorial system to edit your own articles and messages and publish them time-controlled. The CMS allows the maintenance of texts, images and links in different languages and is easy to use even for administrators without programming skills. This way you can keep your participants up to date on promotions, events and seasonal offers yourself.

8 | Capturing invoice data

Invoices or sales receipts are often the only way to validly verify purchases and make transaction data usable in the program. As a neutral data processor, we are able to reliably and quickly extract a variety of valuable data from digitally submitted purchase receipts and make it usable in the program.

9 | Extensive customer adaptations

Coloyal is constantly expanding its roadmap to the loyalty backend with customer-specific functions. New, relevant features such as tax receipts, cash rewards, sales data uploads or connections to marketing and voucher portals are developed and integrated in such a way that they are also attractive and transferable for other existing and new customers.

10 | Established interfaces

As the core of the modular “Coloyal Loyalty Suite”, the backend is networked via internal interfaces with other components such as the reward stores, merchandise management or the mobile app. In addition, the SaaS solution supports APIs to popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, SAP or HubSpot and SSO standards such as OpenID, OAuth or Azure AD.

11 | Detailed Dashboards & Reports

Fast and transparent reports are essential for the active management of loyalty programs. That’s why we place great emphasis on intuitive data preparation: Program and campaign managers always have an overview of the performance of the program and individual users with the help of individual dashboards and exports.

Ideal for program management and service teams


After initial configuration, the loyalty backend is used in daily program operation and primarily serves as an information and promotion portal. You decide who in your company can use the platform for what purposes. An individual role rights concept is implemented for each program, defining for more than 350 different parameters which user groups are allowed to access certain data, make changes or download reports.

Service or support teams can process inquiries efficiently by quickly accessing all information and are able to provide information to participants quickly. The loyalty software also supports manual intervention by authorized users. In simple steps, for example, user data can be anonymized, bonus points credited, promotion coupons generated or status upgrades performed. All administrative actions are logged separately for control purposes.

As a full-service partner, Coloyal is able to take over the control and customer service in the program for you. Learn more about our Customer Service here.

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