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Loyalty Consulting – 20 years of experience

Let’s create the right strategy for your goals

We increase your customer loyalty, promote your customer loyalty, increase your sales through recurring business and create positive customer relationships.

Use our know-how for your B2C, B2B or B2E loyalty strategy.

Coloyal delivers good arguments, clear recommendations for action and resilient business cases for

  • Planning, developing and building your own loyalty program
  • Extending current programs with innovative features that have a tangible impact
  • Internationalizing local loyalty approaches by rolling them out in new markets
  • Optimizing existing customer or employee programs for profitable growth
  • Proof of concept: testing concrete ideas and new loyalty concepts with potential participants

All at a glance

Our loyalty consulting services aim to help your company build long-term, loyal customer relationships by developing customer-centric approaches, strategies and tactics for you.

Program development

We help design customized loyalty programs tailored to your company’s specific needs and goals.

Strategy development

Our loyalty consultants help develop a clear strategy for driving customer loyalty that takes into account both short- and long-term goals.

Data Analysis

We use data analytics and analysis to gain insights into your customers’ behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. You can use this information to create personalized loyalty offers and communications.

Technology selection

Loyalty programs require technology solutions to manage customer profiles, point systems and communications. Our loyalty consultants will show you in the demo of our loyalty suite.

Implementation and training

We help your company implement your loyalty programs and train employees on how to manage, monitor and optimize them.

Performance optimization

Loyalty programs need to be monitored and adjusted regularly. We provide analysis and recommendations to improve program pricing, rewards and retention results.

Communication strategy

Our Loyalty Consultants help develop communication strategies that inform customers about new offers, rewards and promotions to increase participation.

Feedback management

We can implement mechanisms to collect customer feedback to gain insight into program effectiveness and potential improvements.

Pragmatic specialists for customer loyalty

The Coloyal team has almost 20 years of practical experience in setting up and operating successful international loyalty programs in numerous industries and forms. The extensive knowledge in all relevant special disciplines is constantly supplemented by insights from the analysis of program data as well as know-how from market observations such as the “Loyalty Radar”. Our implementation-oriented approach brings the following advantages over large consulting firms:

Hardly any acclimatization

Our knowledge of how bonus programs are set up and successfully managed helps to quickly understand your situation and requirements.

Planning ahead

We know firsthand the challenges loyalty programs face in setup and continuous operation and anticipate them in our recommendations.

Exclusive, own sources

Based on our data from numerous projects, we can precisely classify your figures and requirements and support concepts with examples.

Individual consulting instead of off-the-shelf solutions

Relationships with customers and target groups are diverse and present every company with differentiated challenges. The key to success is creating a customer relationship. Through positive experiences and appreciation, attitudes and loyalty of customers to the brand, of business partners to each other or of employees to employers are developed and strengthened.

We support you in building and shaping these individual relationships. Our full-service approach does not end with the initial concept or the implementation of a program, but stands for the partnership-based, constant further development and optimization of your customer relationships.

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