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Reward program

Retain clients

with attractive incentives and rewad-systems. We systematically increase your customer loyalty with our reward program

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Reduce fluctuation, collect data, show appreciation.

Reward programs bring many advantages for companies. The data generated by the bonus program can, for example, be used to create customer profiles, enabling marketing measures to be targeted more effectively.

In addition, a reward program shows appreciation towards customers or employees. This often leads to customers remaining loyal to the company and recommending it to others.

For employees, too, a bonus system can be just the thing to reduce staff turnover or boost employee performance. You can find out more about our employee incentive programs here.

This is how a bonus system works

Any points-based loyalty program consists of the basic mechanism of points to be earned (Earn) and the redemption of those points (Burn).





Customers receive points for a certain behavior. As a company, you can decide which behavior to reward. Point credits are often used as a reward for purchases, referrals, newsletter sign-ups, or social media engagement. This allows you as a company to target specific actions and create a USP over the competition.



The points collected can then be used to redeem a wide range of rewards. In order to create a strong incentive to collect points, attractive and versatile reward programs are needed that are tailored to the needs of the target group. This is possible with non-cash or digital rewards, redemption options for events or for promotional items. You can find out more about our variety of rewards here.

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Proven to increase sales

  • Use of a loyalty program can result in 3.5 times more transactions per subscriber
  • Customers are 84% more likely to choose the company with a customer loyalty program, given similar conditions
  • 78% of all Germans are members of a bonus program

(Source: Survey of 1,515 people by the market research institute Dr. Grieger & Cie.)

Complete package for your loyalty activities

Full-Service Management. Flexible integration. Comprehensive customer service.

A modular, networked system with all the components needed to operate modern bonus programs and loyalty apps, enabling fast and agile setup.

The advantage

Thanks to its modular structure and flexible cloud architecture, the modular system can be individually adapted to your needs: you decide how many services from Coloyal and to what depth they should be adopted.

Simply choose the components you need – we do the rest.

Central administration of the program

Data access management & individual accesses

  • Maintenance of member and customer data
  • Creation & maintenance of booking and status rules
  • Creation of premiums
  • Data oriented and secure backend

Reports & Data Analytics

  • Intuitive dashboard for performance data
  • Management of reports & analyses
  • Comprehensive analysis of profile, account, campaign and program data
  • Use of tracking for marketing purposes

Store system & backend

  • Rewards management system with co-payment option
  • Responsive design and flexible tile layout
  • Service layer with campaign management
  • Multilingualism for international programs
  • Possibility to generate individual coupon codes
  • Possibility to implement loyalty program together with cooperation partners

Highly personalized user experience

  • Personalized messages and notifications in communication
  • Individual account overview with points balance, bookings & orders
  • Changed status depending on activity
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