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Target group definition and discovery of potentials

The CRM & loyalty consultants of Coloyal help you to get a better and broader view on your target group. We analyze your existing CRM activities and provide optimized strategies for future CRM actions.

Thereby, we support you significantly in answering the following questions:

  • How can I consolidate multiple data sources to get a unified picture of my audience?
  • What potentials to develop my target group exists?
  • How do I increase profitability for the relevant target group?
  • Which IT system fits into my existing infrastructure best?
  • What kind of loyalty program is suitable for the goals of my company?
  • Which points of contact offer opportunities for cross- and upselling?

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Our solution in detail

  • Planning of CRM activities
    You want to do Customer Relationship Management, but are looking for a competent partner, who can help you with words and deeds? With Coloyal you get the complete package from a single source: In the first step, we determine the status quo, formulate CRM goals together with you and carry out needs and target group analyzes. Then, we derive concrete ideas and measures, create a milestone plan and, if desired, develop a business case. In doing so, you will benefit from the implementation expertise of Coloyal and from the possibility of having the developed measures controlled directly through us.
  • Optimizing existing CRM activities
    You are familiar with customer orientation, but need fresh ideas and external know-how? Trust us with the optimization of your activities. Usability verification is just as much a focus of our work as the conduction of target group surveys and the analysis of your competitors. We additionally carry out process optimization, create phase plans for implementation and revise existing business cases.
  • Lifecycle-Management
    Do you reach your target group in all phases of their customer lifecycle? The demands on customer management are constantly changing. Decisive for your company’s success is a holistic view on your loyalty programs members across all phases of the relationship with your company. Here, Coloyal supports you with a lifecycle approach. Its three pillars of prospective customer management, customer loyalty management and recovery management include versatile measures such as friendship / member advertising, sweepstakes, after sales or bonus programs.

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Check your relations: The Coloyal Health Check

„Do I do enough for my most loyal customer?“
„Do I know enough about my customers and users, to provide them with the best offers?“
„How do I asure to create positive memories with my brand?“
„How can I increase the activity level and lifetime of my participants permanently?”
„Do I reach my customer – if yes, at the right time with the right information? “
„How well do the rewards and benefits we offer in our loyalty program fit? “
„What does my competition do and which approaches are the most promising in the industry? “

Not only our clients, but also Coloyal, as a service provider and operator of CRM and customer retention measures, are dealing constantly with the above questions. This is the reason, why we developed the Loyalty Health Check.

The Check is an innovative consulting approach, which assists in quickly making reliable statements about strengths of CRM actions and hints towards ways of improvement in customer loyalty of a company.

Experienced consultants check various aspects of past and future CRM approaches, sometimes with the help of specialized software. Among other things, the Health Check examines the general visibility and transparency of the program, registration and participation processes, cost-benefit ratios for participants, structure and clarity of digital and analogue performances, the frequency and efficiency of direct communication, the quality and response times of a service center or the overall composition and activity rates of action and program participants. The focal points of interest are being defined in advance together with our partners.

The most important prerequisite for conducting a loyalty Health Check is the trusting cooperation between Coloyal and the company to be audited. For this, Coloyal concludes a non disclosure agreement in advance with the cooperating partner, which obliges both parties to remain silent about the concrete implementation and results of the Health Check.

The results of the Health Check are available within two to three weeks. They will subsequently be made available in the form of reports which, in addition to the detailed documentation of the results, also contain an executive summary and concrete recommendations for further development of loyalty activities.

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