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Your tailor-made CRM system

Anonymous and inflexible was yesterday. The contemporary consumer desires are a connected shopping experience that makes it easy for him to choose and buy his desired reward. A shopping world in which the right answer at all points of contact is being provided and aftersales processes, such as exchange or return of products, are translated into a positive experience. For this purpose, comprehensive knowledge of the target group and a powerful CRM systems are essential.

Regardless of whether your planned measures aim at end customers, business partners or employees, we will develop an individual CRM solution for you that fits seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. According to your requirements, we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM or SAP CRM / Cloud for Customer.

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Our IT solutions

  • Optimal customer data availability to advice every individual at each point of contact efficiently
  • Flexible incentives to increase shopping carts and buying frequencies
  • Shopping activities, exchanging and collecting rewards currencies across different channels
  • Real-time reporting for continuous adaptation of all marketing measures
  • Depiction of tier concepts and the option to use a multi-partner network

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The Coloyal Rewards Shop – order rewards as in your favourite online shop

We offer the right online rewards shop for your bonus or incentive program.

  • Ecommerce features known from state-of-the-art online shops
  • Points and/or cash payment
  • Individual design
  • Suitable rewards assortment included

Fast integration into your existing systems – with minimum effort for your IT.

To the Coloyal Rewards Shop

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