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Satisfied participants at all touchpoints

The ability to inspire program participants and to retain them in a sustainable manner has become one of the most important features of differentiation for successful companies. Here, we support you. Our ultimate goal is to turn every contact with the program member into a positive experience and to ensure that your target group and you benefit from this contact. Coloyal always uses the optimal medium to get in contact with their clients program participants – whether classic communication channels or online and social media channels.

We attach great importance to a sophisticated technology in the background: In order to best support your program participants, information are systematically generates about the needs and channel preferences of your target group based on modern analysis tools. With modern knowledge management approaches, we provide complex knowledge about intuitive user interfaces for customer service staff, ensuring better service quality and reduced turnaround times.

We steer the communication with your target group to the right channel. With intelligent self-services, we ensure informed and satisfied program participants who can solve their concerns in a targeted and efficient manner. Moreover, through detailed analysis and sustainable process improvements, we reduce unnecessary and non-valuable communication. This way we increase the satisfaction of your participants while we reduce costs at the same time.

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Your benefits

  • Target group-oriented: Your participants are in good hands with us.
  • Flexible: Contact with participants via telephone, e-mail or chat possible.
  • International: We serve your participants in their own language.

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