Incentivize participants and build long-term bondages

We create an individual assortment for your loyalty program tailored to your specific target group. Or would you rather like to offer your participants experiences, events, personal benefits and personalized branded products? We will gladly take care of this for your program as well.

The path of a reward into our clients’ individual loyalty shop

The attractiveness of the reward portfolio is one of the most important factors to create and maintain a successful loyalty program. With the help of our established sourcing process, we discover the right rewards for you and your program.


Our purchasing team visits about 20 national and international trade fairs every year to find new items for our clients’ bonus programs. In addition, our trend scouts regularly search hundreds of social media platforms, blogs and magazines for interesting products. This is how our specialists view around 100,000 new products every year.


About 2,500 of these products are being put through their paces. In addition to the relevance of the program, market and test reports are being examined intensively. Our social listening tools help figuring out what the audience thinks about the product. Before the final terms of the purchase are being negotiated with the supplier, the products are being tested and evaluated by our firm employees.

Product updates

Approximately 1,000 new products are being added to our product assortment every year. Based on an annual forecast, these items are ordered and stored. To provide our clients with marketing material for the products as quickly as possible, our product database “Coloyal Assortment Manager” is filled with image data, product videos and marketing texts.

Product assortment

Based on the background information we are provided with by our clients and the desired perception of the program, we create an individual reward portfolio for you. We analyze your target groups, form personas if needed and work on the basis of your business case. For existing programs, we check the transaction and account data of the participants. If your product range requires special rewards that are not yet listed within our entire product assortment, our buyers will be happy to source it for you.

Final selection

With the online voting tool of our Coloyal Assortment Manager you have the possibility to rate our product proposals and you can do this conveniently from your own office. Afterwards we invite you to a Touch & Feel workshop. Here, you have the opportunity to test, “touch” and “feel”, almost all products from the assortment.

Portfolio launch

At this stage your selected assortment can go live on every wanted redemption channel. We are happy to take over the conception, creation, maintenance, production and supplier approval of the communication towards your participants regarding your assortment.

Continuous optimization

To keep the reward portfolio up-to-date and attractive at all times, we regularly analyze the behavior of visitors in the reward shop and, if requested, track the development of the point balances of your participants. Based on these analyzes we constantly optimize, the product portfolio.

Your benefits

  • Professional assortment creationand continuous optimization during operation
  • Constant availability of  2,000 up-to-date tangible and intangible / digital rewards from over 400 brands
  • Exclusive events, benefits and personalized, branded products possible

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