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Satisfied customers through fast deliveries

If you are wondering how an ordered reward gets from the shop to the program participant, we have the right solution for you. With our seamless supply chain from the delivery of goods to our central warehouse through storage and delivery, we ensure arrival of the right reward at the right recipient on time and ensure a smooth return process.

The path of a reward from the shop to the ordering member

Successful reward management also includes the storage and delivery of products to the ordering participants. We are happy to fulfill this task for you as part of our logistics process described below.

Processing of orders

An order leaves our warehouse usually within 48 hours after receiving the order. After handover to the carrier, it is possible to follow the delivery status via a tracking link. Moreover, individualized delivery notes are designed and implemented according to your needs. For each of the over 80 countries we supply, there is a convenient and professional return solution in place.


On a daily basis, we monitor the utilization of our inventory by matching incoming orders with the existing quota quantity. In case there is an indication of a bottleneck problem, goods are re-ordered from the supplier. We take special rewards promotions of our clients at least six weeks in advance into account to ensure the availability of the goods. During predictable peaks / high seasons in order frequencies (Q1 and Q4) we stock up our warehouse to prevent delivery bottlenecks and keep our clients informed about our inventory through detailed forecasts.

Professional and environmentally friendly infrastructure

Processing takes place at our own warehouse in Marienfeld. We are particularly proud of our environmental friendly location and the fact that we can save around 1,100 tonnes of CO2 annually. This is achieved primarily through the supply of power from our photovoltaic systems and the use of geothermal energy in combination with the latest insulation technology. In addition, we have reduced the packaging materials, use LED lights and energy-efficient conveyor belts.

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Your benefits

  • Reward delivery to over 80 countries
  • Fast delivery thanks to constant product availability
  • Service hotline and returnhandling included

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