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Case: Bayer CropScience

The biggest bonus program for farmers

Coloyal systematically increases customer satisfaction with highly adapted special rewards and highly personalized added value in the “Premeo” loyalty program for farmers!

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Highlights from the “Premeo” program

Award-winning email newsletter

  • The daily newsletter provides farmers with highly accurate weather forecasts, specific input recommendations for their region and seasonal stock prices for cereals, fruit and vegetables.
  • The high personalized and segmented newsletter that is distributed around 5 a.m. each day to farmers in Germany and Austria was awarded with the prestigious “E-Mail Award” in the top category of “best mailing” 2019.

Reports & data analysis

  • With the help of our extensive reporting and precise analysis, we are able to gain valuable insights about the users.
  • This not only enables us to address participants individually and in a tailored manner, but also to adapt agilely to the constantly changing needs of farmers.
  • Through the targeted measures, we create a deep emotional connection of new and existing customers to the “Premeo” loyalty program.

Marketing & promotions

  • We support Bayer CropScience in the implementation of promotions, including prize draws. Through targeted campaigns like these, we can increase farmers’ engagement in the bonus program in a targeted way.
  • Our comprehensive communication strategy ranges from e-mail campaigns, flyers and print catalogues to app notifications. We reach users along their entire customer journey and ensure a consistent approach.
  • By implementing these targeted measures, we not only increase the number of purchases, but also maximise the revenue per customer.

Customer service

  • The provision of fast and efficient service and support for the agricultural bonus program ensures that day-to-day business runs smoothly.
  • With our uncomplicated accessibility by e-mail and telephone, participating farmers can rely on quick and pragmatic support with any “Premeo”-related inquiry.

Our full-service approach

  • Our central customer database enables us to guarantee comprehensive data quality management and provides smooth access to standardised data from various software interfaces at any time. Data exchange with third-party providers is consistently carried out in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • With the agricultural bonus program, we make it possible to address participants individually. Our sophisticated role-rights concept excludes undesirable target groups.
  • As a strong loyalty partner, we design the entire rewards management. From premium sourcing to premium dispatch, we provide products adapted to the needs of farmers.
  • According to the motto “Loyalty pays off!“, we have developed a 4-step concept for Bayer CropScience. A win-win solution that adds value for users and increases Bayer’s sales and profits.
  • The “Premeo” app makes it particularly easy for farmers to benefit from the bonuses. They submit their purchase receipts digitally and the automated invoice scan takes care of crediting the bonus points.
  • We also take care of personalised communication and marketing activities for the agricultural bonus program.
  • Farmers who mainly use participating products will receive an additional bonus up to 50 % extra points if they where able to reach platnium tier.
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About Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience is a company specialising in the development and sale of crop protection products, seeds and agricultural science products. Together with the divisions “Pharmaceuticals” and “Consumer Health”, Bayer CropScience is part of Bayer AG, a German multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company. Bayer CropScience offers a wide range of products for farmers, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seeds for various crops such as cereals, fruits and vegetables.

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