Shopping pays off for GfK consumer panelists

GfK is a global player and the largest market research institute in Germany. It provides important data on consumers and their purchase behavior for a wide range of target groups across the entire society. Since 2007, GfK relies on the skills of Coloyal and our services as a CRM and loyalty specialist.

In order to collect meaningful, exclusive data, GfK asks representative consumer panels to report their daily purchases and their consumption behavior continously over a long period of time. For their cooperation the participants receive points. Once they have a sufficient point balance, they can exchange their points in return for a highly attractive reward.

Our challenge: In addition to Germany and Austria, consumer panels from Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands were included into the program in 2015. A reward assortment, that is renewed annually, vouchers and sweepstakes are now also being shipped throughout Europe. Consumers have the chance to select their desired incentives from the different versions of current print catalogs, due to the multiple countries and languages or online in GfK’s own Global Incentive Webshop.

To the Global Incentive Webshop:

Case details

  • For the ever-new consumer panels at GfK, we operate the continuous reward sourcing, to expand and update the available product and voucher portfolio based on our data analysis.
  • In 2015, we successfully integrated Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy into the reward program. We now offer special seasonal promotions (summer, winter), monthly rewards as well as the creation and production of print catalogs in the respective language of five countries.

Successful throughout Europe

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