Case: Wertgarantie SE

New levels of freedom with our voucher shop solution

One loyalty solution, infinite uses


The Voucher Shop offers an uncomplicated and effective way to reward and motivate sales staff. By creating individual codes, these can be used as incentives in various campaigns.

The solution can be used specifically to increase sales of certain products (e.g. used equipment or premium options). But it can also be used to (re-)activate customers. Furthermore, targeted campaigns for cross- and up-selling can be realised. The voucher solution can also be used in a customer-recruit-customer program.

Flexible reward shop with voucher logic

The voucher solution for Wertgarantie offers configurable voucher codes for various customer and premium segments. With this loyalty solution, we provide the insurance specialist with a particularly flexible rewards shop with many advantages.

For example, the amount of the rewards can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of the company. The range of rewards can also be put together according to the company’s wishes to ensure individual and targeted rewards.

Customising the look of the shop is straightforward and allows for seamless integration of the company’s own corporate identity. Logos, banners or the button colour can be defined yourself. In addition, the conditions of participation and the imprint can be tailored to the company.

The voucher solution can also be flexibly expanded. Additional levels, countries and languages can be integrated.

Target group-oriented reward management

  • The selection of rewards in kind is designed in line with the B2E sales staff target group in Germany and Austria. By consistently focusing on the needs of employees, we achieve an emotional link to Wertgarantie and sustainably increase loyalty.
  • Our bonuses are linked to strict quality criteria with regard to sustainability. We pay attention to resource-saving logistics and offer targeted green rewards in kind.
  • Participants receive an attractive choice of rewards in three value categories: €50, €100 & €250.
  • Coloyal offers Wertgarantie an individual “on-demand” reward management. The insurance specialist only incurs costs for the premiums when they are ordered by redeeming a voucher in the shop.

Customer service

  • The Voucher Shop is an uncomplicated and effective loyalty solution. In contrast to our premium loyalty suite, the set-up takes place within a very short time of approx. 4 weeks. And without any major IT effort on the part of Wertgarantie.
  • With our trained key account managers in the loyalty segment, we ensure personal, individual support for Wertgarantie in the operation of the voucher shop in the long term.
Bild eines imposanten Bürogebäudes, das das Hauptquartier der Firma 'Wertgarantie' zeigt.

About Wertgarantie

Wertgarantie SE was founded in Hanover in 1963 and has since developed into one of the leading providers of warranty and insurance services for electronic and bicycle products in Germany. With over 8 million contracts and more than 700 employees, it is hard to imagine the world of household and consumer electronics as well as bicycles and e-bikes without the company.

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