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Mobile Loyalty App

Your program, ready to hand

For regular use of your loyalty program, it’s important to integrate access quickly and easily into your participants’ everyday lives. What better way to do that than on a smartphone?

Mobile first!

We gear your loyalty offering to mobile screens and develop not only responsive browser solutions but also special loyalty apps for Apple and Android that are fully tailored to the respective program.

A program’s own mobile app not only presents all the benefits and content in an optimal and user-friendly way. It also brings native functions that make participation even easier and more convenient – for example, when scanning codes, uploading invoices, or sharing your own location for local check-ins.

An additional mobile app to the program? Why?

With your own mobile app, you as a company are close to your target group and programs can be used 24/7. Compared to mobile browser applications, your presence via app is once again much more user-friendly and professional: no detour through the call in the browser, no repeated login prompts, no visual restrictions through the browser line and much more.

The quick start via the start screen or relevant program notifications is the best prerequisite for regular activities in the program. For this, we offer you a Progressive Web App for Apple and Android with all the advantages: fast, intuitive and trackable.

Already have your own app for your target group? Integrate our loyalty functions via established interfaces for the direct transfer of profile, account or reward store data.

More functions in the app

It’s not just the display on mobile devices that can be made more precise with the app. Classic smartphone features also enable more practical, useful functions for your bonus or customer loyalty program.

Digital customer card

Participants can identify themselves quickly and clearly at the checkout or at events.

Upload documents

Participants photograph purchase receipts and submit them digitally to earn points.

Edit images

Photos of invoices or receipts are optimized for better readout before uploading.

Scan codes

Scan QR or bar codes to earn points, participate in promotions, upgrade your status, or get product info.

Share location

Participants can document their attendance at events or the exact location of installed products in the program.

Recruit friends

Invite new participants and share content easily with personal contacts from the address book.

Get started with your own loyalty app

With a customized app for your loyalty program, you’ll pick up participants instantly – anytime, anywhere. At the same time, your program comes across better and new features ensure the optimal user experience.

We accompany you on the way to release in the Apple and Google app stores.

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