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Voucher system for companies

Reward individual success!

Discover the limitless variety of our voucher store solution! With configurable voucher codes, customized for your target group, we open the way to a flexible reward store for individual incentivization. We put the voucher system for companies on the road to success with our loyalty couponing. Reward your members’ goal achievement and increase their loyalty.

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What is loyalty couponing?

Loyalty couponing is a strategy to reward your loyal business partners and take your business results to the next level! With our exclusive digital coupons, you can reward your stakeholders in a targeted and personalized way – whether it’s for winning contracts, purchasing your products, reaching sales targets, long-term retention or on special occasions. Strengthen your relationships while increasing your sales with our voucher system for companies! No matter what industry you are in, our voucher store is equally applicable in B2B, B2C as well as B2E – area.

The advantages of the voucher shop at a glance

Versatile fields of application

Our voucher system for companies with customized coupons in the rewards store flexibly adapt to your individual requirements. Use them in a variety of premium campaigns to increase your success:

  • For the (re-)activation of customers
  • As a cross-selling measure
  • For sales promotion
  • For a customer-acquire-customer program
  • For promotions & sweepstakes

New degrees of freedom for the voucher solution

Our rewards store with intelligent voucher logic opens up completely new options for individualization for your company. Design these aspects entirely according to your wishes and needs:

  • Flexibility in reward levels
  • Individual assortment of rewards
  • Customization of the look (logo, banner, button color, imprint, conditions of participation)
  • Expandable to include additional levels, countries or even additional languages​

Direct effect of success

Our voucher shop rewards are directly related to the previous events and offer you the opportunity to directly reward decision makers with high value in-kind rewards.

  • Rely on motivating rewards that stimulate purchases. Discover a customized assortment that perfectly matches your target audience.
  • Create standout promotions and differentiate from ordinary discount offers.
  • Incorporate rewards that create personal connections and seamlessly bridge to future sales.

Attractive incentives and excellent premium management

Our customized premium range is ready for you, and we take care of the seamless handling of the entire shipping process. You can rely on us – without any worries.

  • Discover our diverse selection of attractive rewards in different value categories, including €50, €100, €250 and many more – the right reward for every need.
  • Our range of rewards is tailored to the exact needs of your target audience.
  • As a specialist in international reward shipping, we have already successfully delivered countless packages worldwide.
Bild eines imposanten Bürogebäudes, das das Hauptquartier der Firma 'Wertgarantie' zeigt.

Wertgarantie SE

Wertgarantie SE was founded in Hanover in 1963 and has since developed into one of the leading providers of warranty and insurance services for electronic and bicycle products in Germany. With over 8 million contracts and more than 700 employees, it is hard to imagine the world of household and consumer electronics as well as bicycles and e-bikes without the company.

To the Wertgarantie Case

And here’s how loyalty couponing works


Step 1: Sending the coupons

In a secure file you will receive our diverse coupons, which you can conveniently pass on to your participants when they reach their individual goals. Integrate the dispatch, for example, quite simply in a congratulatory e-mail.

Step 2: Select your desired premium

A simple click in the email opens your voucher store. This takes your members to the appropriate reward category and allows them to select their desired reward.

Step 3: Activate shopping cart

Your members simply enter the coupon code in the input mask. The code is automatically checked in the background for its value and redemption status. The members are then redirected to the shopping cart.

Step 4: Enter delivery address

After entering the delivery address, your members can complete the order of the reward and check the accuracy of their data one last time.

Step 5: Receive in-kind reward

After placing the order, your members will finally receive a confirmation email containing a tracking link and a digital delivery bill. The reward will now be shipped.


Transparent and controllable

After your coupons have been successfully redeemed, we guarantee a speedy dispatch of the high-quality non-cash rewards. In this way, we ensure that your target group enjoys a seamless shopping experience. You only pay when your individual rewards have actually been ordered by the target group. And with our transparent reporting, you always keep track of the development of coupon usage.

Eine Büroangestellte in Arbeitskleidung mit Headset, die am Schreibtisch arbeitet und telefoniert

Excellent customer service

Our highly qualified key account managers in the loyalty area are your personal companions for long-lasting success in using your voucher store. We offer you customized support and are always available to assist you with our expertise.

Efficient setup

Our Voucher Shop is the perfect choice for an effortless and highly effective loyalty solution. Unlike our premium loyalty suite, it allows for a lightning-fast setup within just 4 weeks – all without any complicated IT work for your company. In addition, it eliminates any registration effort for your users, making it even more user-friendly.

Alternatively, use the Voucher Shop as a PopUp Store!

Your vouchers, your rules: The customizable voucher store for perfect campaigns! Customize it specifically for your campaigns – activate and deactivate it as needed for optimal results. The Voucher Shop gives you the flexibility to design your campaigns exactly according to your schedule. For example, use it in Q1 for an exceptional cross-sell promotion to engage your customers. After a strategic break in Q2, when you can deactivate the store, it will be available again in Q3 for the next promotion. This way, you can make the best use of your resources and ensure that the coupon store is always ready to go when you need it.

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